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This is Brian Paul

Brian Paul
18 June 1976
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Smells like Darnell

Random shit: I'm a proud father of 4 cats. I invest my free time playing video games and watching movies. I love Feta Cheese and Gyros. J&G's for LIFE!!! I want to be a Zombie when I die. I drive a Scion xA. It is my baby. Public bathrooms scare me. Halloween is the best holiday ever. I don't like air conditioning. I love the Fall. I love thunderstorms and rain. I love my girlfriend..she's the hot shit and we are going to go the distance!! I'm paranoid. I'm a neat freak. I have diagnosed myself with OCD and ADD. I have never messed with drugs. It is something I am proud of. My drug of choice is a Caramel Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. There's something I like about Rachel Ray.

All Day I Do.... Everyday... All Day Long I Do